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Shanghai Indian Elevators are the prime suppliers of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevators in South India. Our products include passenger elevator, sightseeing elevator, medical elevator, cargo elevator, escalator, moving sidewalk as well as the patent small room passenger elevator, Machine-room-less passenger elevator, sightseeing elevator, medical elevator and cargo elevator.

Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Company (SMEC) is known globally for its quality and its elevator technology. SMEC delivers and hold the record for supplying more than 45000 units a year. We take strong pride being the prime dealer of a globally trusted product in India.

We highly believe in providing quality services and products through promising components directly from Shanghai. The robust technical knowledge and most efficient service engineers make us one of the most preferred service providers within a short period and we are ready to leverage all that experience in delivering the best of elevator solution for you.

Additionally, we've established detailed technical and inspection standards, and strictly inspect each component, to ensure the quality of our elevators and escalators. Like any other manufactures we don’t take lift installation as an accomplishment as we ensure post installation service and maintenance are never compromised.

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World-class Technology

Bringing you the best of mobility solution you always wanted. State-of-the-art features and world-class technology, a sustainable, quiet and comfortable ride. Shanghai Indian Elevators portfolio of elevators...(read more)

Reliable Service / Project Management

To manage a building, you have to make sure the product meets your expectations and of the tenants and visitors. The mobility solutions the building uses must be efficient and reliable 24/7...(read more)

Continuous Communication

Effective business communication starts by asking the right questions to understand the customer’s needs and wants to be able to recommend a product or service customized to the customer...(read more)

Maintenance      Solution

Shanghai Indian Elevators know that you need to rely on your lifts and we will make sure you can. With highly trained lift engineers, we provide excellent local maintenance, repairs and refurbishment service to keep you and your loved once going 24/7...(read more)