Exceptional engineering, outstanding quality and first-class service are the hallmarks of our Company. We can provide you with a complete service starting with our experienced sales professionals specifying the right product and customized accessories for your requirements to designing and installing your lift through to maintaining it once it has been installed.
The elevators which we offered are designed for smooth, reliable, quiet and energy efficient operation whether it is from our standard range. And, with a choice of customized finishes and many other options available to choose from Ceiling, COP/LOP, Handrail and Flooring.
Ceilings are available in various options like round fan grill, square fan grill etc. with direct or defused lighting fixtures. When you enter the ET you can see an extraordinary transition. The all-new ceiling with exclusive fixture sports a clean design and promised distinct visual relief.
Car and landing Operating Panels (COP/LOP)
The operating panel also comes with latest display option for direction arrows and elevator position indicator having separate illuminated push buttons for each floor.
The landing push button box comes with integrated elevator position indicator and direction arrows with latest option such as seven segment led display, dot matrix display and new gen LCD displays. A soft touch push button gives illumination when call is registered.
Handrail is available in Stainless Steel or M S Powder coated options. (This features is not available in 6 passenger capacity cars due to space constraints.)